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A. Krekler

Large double hybrid flower of a very deep glossy black-red color. It is midseason of hybrids. Has a twisty petal makeup. Dense medium sized bush. Seedling # B-77.

Abalone Pink

Sturdy big pale pink. 26-inch hybrid. Seedling # K 902.


Very large rose type light pink with stiff stems and good foliage, a sure and profuse bloomer, late, 36 inches. Seedling # D-35.


Double – Pink – Early – DISCARDED – Shell pink fading to lilac white. Rose type. Large, medium compact bloom. Fragrance pleasant. Tall erect habit. Free bloomer. DESCRIPTION from Wild...

Ace of Hearts

Herbaceous hybrid, single. First bloomed before 1980. One bud per stem. Large flower, broad petals of soft, deep cardinal red around a large yellow stamen ball. Medium tall (36”) for...


Dark red. Seedling # not given. Parentage not known. Erect 33-inch plant, small flowered Japanese type flower form. Two rows of intense dark red guards. Staminods 1 1/4 x 1/4...


Parentage unknown. A fragrant full rose type dark red. A very well proportioned flower on a thirty-inch stem with tough dark green foliage. Medium sized bloom. Seedling # 26-62.

Abraham Lincoln

Large white double. Free-blooming. Note: A more complete description will be given later. This is not to be confused with President Lincoln (Brand, 1924), red single.