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Why Plant Peonies in the Fall?

Posted December 5, 2019 the question… The sale of the plant is purely a convenient way for a business to take advantage of a sale during the period in which most people shop...

Seidl’s Super

...very low). Named to honor William (Bill) Seidl, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA, and to recognize his significant contributions to peony breeding, not only in the USA, but also in New Zealand....

Francis H. Cabot

...had on the originator. Frances H. Cabot (1925–2011) was born New York City and died at his family estate at La Malbaie, QC, Canada. He was a financier but his...


(Albiflora x officinalis) A plant of enormous, vigor and luxuriant foliage. The bright deep crimson flowers turn somewhat purple with age. Nevertheless a magnificent variety. Very few for sale.