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Japanese type flower form. Medium pink.


Species: P. Albiflora. History: Originated by Calot in 1856. DESCRIPTION IN BRIEF: Full double, purplish pink, early, good. DESCRIPTION IN DETAIL: Rose, violet rose 1(154). Odor pleasant. Size, medium. No...

Alexander Woollcott

A semi-double hybrid peony with very vivid and beautiful coloring. Center clearly decorated with yellow stamens and light pink/white stigmas. Outer petals brilliant crimson. Flowers 5½” dia. x 1½” high....


[Snow Under Waning Moon] Oberlin 1938, 1943 renamed Snow White; Farr 1941.


Japanese type flower form. Large, light aster purple, midseason. Staminodes yellow, purple-tinged, with yellow filaments. Carpels smooth, tips pink; disk conspicuous, light pink. Plant large, spreading; flowers many and held...