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[Akashi Brocade] (Syn. Talma) Japan Nursery Co. as new 1910; Dessert 1913; Chugai 1932-40; Wada 1937, 1939.


Japanese type flower form; large; midseason. Smooth, spoon-shaped guard petals of very clear, dark rose-pink; center composed of long staminodes with yellow filaments and long narrow blades of rose-red, tipped...


Mentioned in Gardener’s Chronicle, London, 1888....

Airy Dream

Double. Seedling No. 71. Light silvery pink. All dead.


Fragrant. Deep rose, Japanese type flower form. A very free blooming rose-red color with center petaloids that are very even and compact. They are edged and tipped with gold. The...

Aimee’s Pink

Parentage: Festiva Maxima x Kansas pollen. First year bloomed 1988. This double lingerie pink has good substance; blooms are 6-7″ in diameter, very nicely domed near-perfect form. The color is...