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Japanese type flower form. Petals rose-red, staminodes bright gold. Overlapping petals. Tall, of good habit and blooms well. (Number 202 from Mikado).


[Snow Under Waning Moon] Oberlin 1938, 1943 renamed Snow White; Farr 1941.


[Lion of Akashi] (Syn. Magicienne) Yokohama Nurseries 1893, 1898, 1905; Dessert 1913; Chugai 1929-40; Wada 1937, 1939; Oberlin 1943 renamed Memories.


Japanese type flower form. Large, light aster purple, midseason. Staminodes yellow, purple-tinged, with yellow filaments. Carpels smooth, tips pink; disk conspicuous, light pink. Plant large, spreading; flowers many and held...


[Akashi-Beach] [Shore of Akashi] Akashi is a place name. Yokohama Nurseries 1893, 1894, 1902, 1905, 1919 (undated illustration, before 1920); Dessert 1913, Chugai 1929-40; Wada 1937, 1939; Farr 1938.  ...


[Akashi Brocade] (Syn. Talma) Japan Nursery Co. as new 1910; Dessert 1913; Chugai 1932-40; Wada 1937, 1939.


Japanese type flower form; large; midseason. Smooth, spoon-shaped guard petals of very clear, dark rose-pink; center composed of long staminodes with yellow filaments and long narrow blades of rose-red, tipped...