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Parentage: D-403 BC X (Moutan) Red Ranee 1. First year bloomed 1992. Hybrid, golden yellow single. The color is like pure gold. Petals look so precious and fragile, like something...


Species — P. albiflora. Originated by Hollis, 1905. Donated by Hollis. DESCRIPTION OF BLOOM — Type of bloom semi-double. Form of bloom very flat, medium compact. Not differentiated. Not entirely...


(Seedling of Chalice) Very tall plant. Enormous flowers (9 inches across) of pale lavender pink with centre of yellow and lavender. Most unusual coloring.


(Albiflora x Otto Froebel) (1941) Fringed flower. Like Birthday, but darker in color. Very attractive.


Double – Pink – Midseason. Normal, pleasant fragrance. Large globular blooms of tender pink which retain their coloring until the petals fall. The petals are broad and rounded forming a...