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Madame de Montijo

Medium size, crown. Lilac-white guards and crown; collar of narrow cream-white petals. Fragrant. Medium height and habit. Late. Not for sale.

Nordic Paradox

...common usage, but not this one. It appears not to have been distributed commercially after the end of the 19th century and is not known to exist in commerce today....


(Albiflora x officinalis) A plant of enormous, vigor and luxuriant foliage. The bright deep crimson flowers turn somewhat purple with age. Nevertheless a magnificent variety. Very few for sale.

La Brillante

Officinalis, La Brillante. Full-double bloom; bright cherry. One of the handsomest of the early Peonies. Not for sale.


(Lactiflora x lobata) Magnificent flat bloom almost full double, brilliant salmon rose. Not for sale, 1939.

Georgina Jane

Parentage SH 20 x Autumn Harvest, seed from Bill Seidl, USA. First bloomed 1994. Hybrid tree peony, double, gold flushed red. Reliable, good substance, stamen, seeds, pollen with a good...

Kate Elizabeth

Parentage unknown. Seed from Bill Seidl, USA. First bloomed 1995. This hybrid tree peony is a double, lavender plum, good substance, pollen, no seeds. The plant is strong, holding the...

Georgie’s Baby

Parentage seed B. Seidl, USA. First bloomed 1994. Yellow/gold, red overlay. One bud per stem, reliable, seeds, pollen, and stamens. Good substance, approx. 1 meter, late bloom, vigorous green-gray leaf....

Pretty in Pink

Seedling number Hollingsworth 0991. Midseason opening, week 4 bloom time rating. Parentage: ‘Nippon Gold’ x ‘Good Cheer’. BOMB form, the compact five-inch blossom occurs one per stem. Petals color throughout...