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New introduction 1941. Pink double, a bit lighter than Therese. A high built bloom on good plant of medium height. Late midseason. $5.00

Professor Mackintosh

D., M., LP. Seedling No. 254W. A new light rose pink. Tall, strong grower and free bloomer. Double. Seedling # 254W.

Souvenir de Ducher

Paillet 1889 as new; Lemoine 1892; Dessert 1899, 1905; Barbier 1900; Goos & Koenemann 1911; Old Farm Nursery 1924; Bobbink & Atkins 1940; Oberlin 1941; Cottage Gardens 1941-42: Wayside 1943....


Big lavender-pink Japanese type flower form (anemone). A different color and buildup. Most promising. Named for Albert Schafer at New Lebanon,, Ohio.


Krelage 1867; van Houtte 1873; Kelway 1889; Paillet 1889 as new.

Shan Hé Làn Màn white at the top. Carpels are pale yellow-green (RHS: 8D), sparsley hairy, average 5 in number. Stigmas are pale yellow-green (RHS: 4D) and fertile. Fragrant. New foliage edged purple....