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[Elegant Adornment] Henry & Lee 1926; Japan Nursery Co. as new 1910; Wada 1937; Chugai 1929-32....

Reine Amélie

Paillet 1889 as new; Dessert 1905; Oherlin 1941; Cottage Gardens 1941-42.

Teenie Weenie

Japanese type flower form.M. LP. Parentage unknown. A real miniature flower with blooms about two inches in diameter and plant about 18 inches tall, small leaves, blooms in midseason. It...

Asa Gray

Double. Paillet 1888 as new; Dessert 1899, 1909.

Clara Lindgren

...was awarded a Certificate of Honorable Mention in 1960 and the Myron D. Bigger plaque for being the most distinctive new peony shown at Minneapolis in 1961. Seedling # 1....


...petals of good substance; color purest white, with a creamy tint toward the center; fragrant. This new variety shows much promise. The above information was taken from the introducer’s description....

Monte Christo

Paillet 1889 as new; Chenault 1910; Dessert 1905; Oberlin 1941.

Madame de Montmarin

Dessert 1899, 1905; Earl of Mountmorris 1886; Dauvesse 1859; Krelage 1867; Old Farm Nursery 1924. Paillet 1889 as new.