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Madame Henrietta Caillot

Paillet 1889 as new; Dessert 1899, 1905; Lemoine 1904; Ruitton & Riviere 1906; Cottage Gardens 1941-1942....

Solo Flight

...with high center of pale yellow. Very popular at Boston Show, 1935. The plant is tall and upright and covers itself with bloom; a conspicuous plant in the garden. $5.00...


(Syn. Rose Cherie) Haage & Schmidt 1864; Krelage 1867; van Houtte 1873; Paillet 1889 as new. Lemoine 1892; Dessert 1899, 1905....


(Officinalis x coriacea) A new race. Flower of great substance; black-purple. Very handsome gray-green foliage, red-veined. Beautiful and unique plant.

King Midas

...perfect rose form. An occasional petal is edged with gold filament. Awarded Home Achievement Medal for best and most distinguished new peony at Minneapolis Peony Show, June 22nd, 1942. Seedling...


A new brilliantly colored Japanese type in bright red rose and pink with a large center cluster of thick fleshy row colored petaloids edged gold.