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[Palace of the Moon Kingdom] [Moon Palace] Japan Nursery Co. as new 1910; Chugai 1929-40.


[New Sacred Music] (Syn. Buffon) Yokohama Nurseries 1905; Japan Nursery Co. 1910; Dessert 1913; Chugai 1929-40; Wada 1937-39.

Grandmothers Symphony

...blend of rose and cream; in cooler weather the blooms are quite pink upon initial opening. Single to semi-double blooms with notched petals. Two to 3 flowers per stem but...


...The stem strength is very strong. Height 1¼ meters. Blooms late in New Zealand. A very healthy plant, which holds its flower well above the foliage. Seedling # McF 38....


Haage & Schmidt 1864; van Houtte 1873; Krelage 1867; Paillet 1889 as new....


Haage & Schmidt 1846; van Houtte 1873; Kelway 1889; Krelage 1867; Paillet 1889 as new....


van Houtte 1873; Krelage 1867; Kelway 1889; Paillet 1889 as new.

Glamour Girl

...streak outside. Has good substance, compact plant, with many large flowers, ruffled edge petals. An extremely outstanding new variety. Similar in form to Burma Ruby except center is bright yellow....