APS Seed Distribution Program

Scott Parker, APS President and SDP Chairperson


Scott Parker, APS Director and SDP Chairperson — Tomah, Wisconsin

Welcome to the APS’s Seed Distribution Program (SDP). First I would like to thank all of the SDP donors for their generous donations. The SDP has been a huge success over the past several years. It has provided a wide selection of seeds to peony enthusiasts around the world while adding funds to the APS treasury. Over the past several years there has been an incredible increase in the interest in this program with many packets being sold not only through the APS website, but also at Garden Expo in Madison, Wisconsin and at the APS National Conventions.

As of this writing, we have seed donations from 12 APS members. Our members donated seeds that came from more than 200 different varieties or species of peonies. In addition, they donated a number of nice peony mixes which are all, listed below. Many of these seeds and the genetics contained in them come from peony varieties that are not readily available from other sources.


A special thank you to Harvey Buchite, owner of Hidden Springs Flower Farm, and Roy Klehm, Klehm’s Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery, for allowing me to collect seeds for the SDP from their fields. Jan DeRousse donated a wide variety of seeds, including a nice selection of herbaceous peony seeds and some choice tree peony seeds, as well. Nate Bremer and Hans Maschke has donated a nice selection of hybrid seeds from several varieties which are not readily available and they even donated some seeds from crosses they made. I’m sure that they will be in very high demand, so make sure to place your order as soon as possible.

The SDP is a great opportunity for you to obtain a wide variety of seeds, without having to spend years growing the parent plants and waiting for them to produce seeds. At the same time you will be helping to support APS goals. I encourage the APS membership to experience the joy of creating something new by purchasing at least a few packs of seed and planting them. One of your seedlings could turn out to be a Gold Medal winner—only your efforts and time will tell.

All packets will be labeled with the seed parent’s name, if the information has been provided by the donor, and any other information that I have on the parentage of the seeds. In most cases these are open-pollinated seeds, meaning the pollen parent is unknown. The pollen could be from the seed parent or any of the peonies growing in the donor’s garden or nearby. Thus, the resulting seedlings could bloom in a variety of flower forms and colors.

Seeds can be ordered on the APS website until sold out or until July 31, 2015. And, seeds will be offered for sale at the 2015 APS Convention from May 13-17 at the Galt House Hotel, 140 N Fourth Street Louisville, Kentucky 40202.

If you have any questions, please contact Scott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (608) 378-4778.

Remember— seeds will be sold first-come, first-served until July 31, 2015 and you must be a member to participate. Send your order today!

— 2015 PRICING —

$2.00 per pack for lactiflora seeds (10–50 seeds per pack).

$2.00 per pack for hybrid seeds (5–25 seeds per pack).

$2.50 per pack for all species seeds (5–10 seeds per pack).

$2.50 per pack for all tree peony seeds (5–10 seeds per pack).

$3.00 per pack for Chinese Flare Mudan seeds (5 seeds per pack).

PLUS, a $6.00 flat fee will be added to each order to cover the cost of postage and packaging.

— AVAILABLE Seeds for 2015 —


Double: 'Lady Alexandra Duff', 'Solange'

Semi-Double: 'Sandra Marie', 'Zuzu'.

Single: 'Polly Sharp'.


Double: 'Ann Cousins', 'Charlie’s White', 'Cheddar Cheese', 'Cheddar Pom Pom', 'Festiva Maxima', 'Gardenia', 'Golden Dawn', Immaculee, 'Laura Dessert', 'Mary E. Nicholls', 'Mrs. Frank Beach'.

Japanese: 'Bride's Dream', 'Cheddar Regal', 'Evelyn Tibbitts', 'Glowing Candles', 'Gold Rush', 'Gold Standard', 'Honey Gold', 'Honey N Cream', 'Moon of Nippon', 'Prairie Star', 'Primevere'.

Semi-Double: 'Fringed Ivory', 'Green Halo', 'Lois Kelsey', 'Minnie Shaylor', 'Miss America'.

Single: 'A La Mode', 'Blanco Royale', 'Green Lotus', 'Ivory Atlas', 'Ivory Inspiration', 'Ivory Jewell', Kitty’s Lark, Krinkled Lines, 'Krinkled White', 'Le Jour', 'Pico', 'Ruffled Clouds', 'Silver Shell', 'Star Dust', 'The Bride', 'Walter Marx', 'White Wings'.


Double: 'Gene Wild', 'Judge Berry', 'Lake O’ Silver', Lavender Lady, 'Madame Calot', Margaret Truman, 'Mary Eddy Jones', 'Peppermint', 'Pink Cameo', 'Pink Charmer', 'Roberta', Sorbet, 'Sweet Rewards'.

Japanese: 'Bo Peep', 'Bouquet Perfect', 'Bowl of Beauty', 'Cheese Country', 'Dai-Jo-Kuhan', 'Easy Lavender', Evening World, 'Fancy Nancy', 'Gay Paree', 'Henri Potin', 'Jubilee Pink', 'Le Charme', 'Madam Butterfly', 'Okinawa', 'Pastel Sunrise', 'Peach Strudel', 'Tom Eckhardt', 'Touch of Class', 'Velma Atkinson', 'Vera Tischler', 'Westerner'.

Semi-Double: 'Apron Strings', 'Extra Sweet Pink', 'Liebchen', 'Martha', 'Nice Gal', 'Pink Delight', 'Pink Kisses', 'Pink Luau', 'Pink Venus', 'Raggedy Ann', 'Viking Chief'.

Single: 'Chiffon Clouds', Clown, Dancing Butterfly, 'Dawn Pink', 'Fuchsia Jazz', 'Helen', 'Magenta Gem', 'Magenta Glow', 'Martha W.', 'Mischief', 'Pillow Dreams', 'Pink Firefly', 'Pink Princess', 'Pink Spritzer', 'Polly Sharp', 'Ruffled Bonnets', 'Scatterbrain Pink', 'Seashell', 'Soft Salmon Joy', 'Sparkling Star', 'Terrific Gal', 'Tropical Bonnet'.


Double: 'Bunker Hill', 'Cherry Hill', 'Fire Opal', 'Karl Rosenfield', 'Louise Van Houtte', 'Red Comet', Red Magic (Hei Hai Bo Tao) , 'Shawnee Chief'.

Japanese: 'Barrington Belle', 'Charm', 'Hari-ai-nin', 'Jappensha-Ikhu', 'Lucky', 'Mr. B.H. Farr', 'Muskogee', 'West Elkton'.

Single: Brazzaville, 'Kankakee', 'Mr Thim', 'Rivida', 'Rumba', 'Topeka Garnet', 'Wally'.


Cactus/Dahlia: 'Crazy Daisy', Peppermint Stick.


Jack Nordick’s Lactiflora Mixture, Jan Derousse’s Everything Mixture, Jan Derousse’s Seedling Mixture, John Brand’s Mixture, Mixture of seed from Nice Gal Seedlings, Scott Parker’s Mixture of Herbaceous Peonies.


'Bernice Carr', 'Color Magnet', 'Erda', 'Fairfield', 'Golden Wings', H. Krupke Seedling(single, yellow blooms), 'Orange Glory', 'Pink Vanguard', 'Nosegay', seedling of 'Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow', Silver Dawn Mixture.


p. delavayi(Green Blooms), p. delavayi(Mixed colors), p. ludlowii, p. mlokosewitschii, p. officinalis, p. officinalis subsp. huthii, p. ostii (#1), p. ostii (#2), p. peregrina (#1), p. peregrina (#2), p. peregrina (#3), p. veitchii (#1), p. veitchii (#2), p. veitchii (#3), p. tenuifolia 'Plena' X tenuifolia 'Rosa' (F2).

NOTE: Since I received several species donations(of the same species) from different donors- I noted the difference with a number- Example: p. peregrina (#1), p. peregrina (#2) & p. peregrina (#3).


'Kamata-Nishiki' (Kamada Nishiki), 'Kokiriu Nishiki', 'Meikow' (Meikoho), 'Ofuji-Nishiki', 'Sahohime', 'Shima-Nishiki'.

Han’s Tree Peony Mixture- suffruticosa group, Light Pink flowered tree peony, Pink flowered tree peony (#1), Pink flowered tree peony (#2),

TREE PEONY — P. rockii / Gansu Mudan

Yu Lu Lian Dan- (Daoist Pills in a Jade Stove), Zi Die Ying Fen- (Purple Butterfly in the Wind)



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