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How to Donate Seed

Seed Donations by Members Makes this Program Work


Woody Peony Seeds Harvest in the Fall of the Year

Collect seeds when they are ripe—normally the seed pod will split open and the seed coat will be dark brown or black. Allow the seeds to dry; then place in paper bags or paper envelopes and label them with information, such as the name of the pod parent and pollen parent, if known.

All peony seeds are welcomed, but the biggest needs are for species seeds, herbaceous hybrid seeds and tree peony seeds, which are always in short supply. To encourage donations, all donors are entitled to a free packet of seed for every two varieties (preferably named cultivars) they provide—up to a total of five packets.

Further information and easy donation notification may be made within the Member Portal at:  Donate Seeds.

Send seeds to: Scott Parker, 23409 Desoto Ave., Tomah, WI 54660-4272. If you have questions contact Scott at [email protected] or (608) 378-4778.

Additional Resources

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Peony Seed Fact #1

Peonies grown from seed will not be the same as their parents. Choosing seed by the parent plant's color may yield a wide array of other colors in the seedlings.

Peony Seed Fact #2

Don't be fooled, there are no blue peonies. Seed being sold from some sources will make wild claims and should be treated with apprehension.