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Front Cover Example Featuring Paeonia delavayi Image

March 2018 Back Cover Featuring Paeonia ludlowii Image

The American Peony Society prints four bulletins per year chock full of interesting and valuable information for enthusiastic members.  Articles are focused on peonies, the people involved in peonies, as well as, society activities and much more.  Color images of gorgeous peony flowers and plants support the easy to read content, making the APS Bulletin a favorite publication of members.

For those interested in the newest peonies arriving on the market, the Bulletin publishes images and descriptions of current introductions, providing a glimpse into the future of the peony.  Commercial members advertise their products and serve as outstanding sources for new and cherished peony cultivars.

The bulletin will surely provide anyone interested in peonies with some great opportunities to see the past, present and future of this beautiful plant.   Societies, gardeners, photographers and numerous other related groups find this uniquely beautiful publication a great way to be involved.  Join us the APS for some inside information!

Nomenclature (New Cultivars) Example Featuring Woody Hybrid ‘Zuchau Weisse’

Article Example ‘Eugene Lins’

Call Out For Articles!

Do you have a story, observation, study, poetry or other piece about peonies to share? Consider submitting your peony related writing and images for publication in the American Peony Society's Quarterly Bulletin! Contact Us at: