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There are a number of clubs and local peony societies in North America and Europe that are dedicated to the promotion of peonies. These local organizations have regular meetings and events including garden tours and auctions. The Minnesota Peony Society also has a flower show the weekend after the American Peony Society convention. These societies are a great local source to get involved and meet fellow peony enthusiasts. Many members enjoy both membership in the American Peony Society as well as the supporting local societies.

Minnesota Peony Society President Todd Rabel O’Halloran (center) with guest speakers Lore and Jim Sampson

Canadian Peony Society (Canada)
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Finnish Pion Society (Finland)
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Heartland Peony Society (USA)

Wisconsin Peony Society (USA)

Midwest Peony Society (USA):
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The Swedish Peony Society (Sweden):
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Danish Peony Society (Denmark)

Finnish Peonists (Finland)
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Prairie Peony Society (formerly Regina Peony Society-SK, Canada)
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Pacific Northwest Peony Society (USA)

Minnesota Peony Society (USA):

Mid-Atlantic Peony Society (USA)