Registration Procedures

New Cultivar Registration

Email or Mail Registration Forms to the Registrar


New peony cultivars may be registered using the available forms found on this page.  All forms will need to be manually filled out, either by hand or by inserting information through a computer and then submitting them to the Registrar.  We recommend using a computer to fill in the forms for an accurate interpretation of the information you supply.  Note:  New price change for registration takes place February 1, 2020 to $35.00. 

American Peony Society New Cultivar Registration Form (PDF, 2020 update)

American Peony Society New Cultivar Registration Form (Microsoft Word doc, 2020 update)

American Peony Society New Cultivar Registration Form Explained (PDF)

Completed New Cultivar Registration forms may be emailed to:


Mailed through a carrier to:

Reiner Jakubowski, Registrar
American Peony Society
624 Pineridge Rd
Waterloo, ON N2L 5J9

Registration Payment

Each New Cultivar Registration costs $35.00 USD and assists to defray the costs of printing, website posting and recording.

Once the registrar receives the information, they will review the data for any additional requirements and verify that the proposed name can be used under the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants.  The APS Registrar may contact you to clarify or make corrections involving the submitted cultivar registration information.  Once the registrar has finalized work, a copy of the registration will be returned to you for final approval.  Upon approval the registration is submitted and recorded.   Later in the year the registration will be published through an APS document that is distributed to the membership, as well as, the online “Registry of Peonies” (found on this website).

Please note:  Registrations submitted late in the year may be processed for publication in the coming year.  Registration forms filled in by hand require more time to process and may be delayed due to extra work involved.

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