Bloom Date Project

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Herbaceous Peony ‘Red Charm’

Most gardeners are familiar with P. lactiflora and it period of bloom, but may not realize that these plants bloom during a narrow range of time each spring.  Planting herbaceous hybrids, species and woody peonies may extend the bloom season by as much as a month, or more.   Selection of specific cultivars that have different bloom seasons can provide beautiful peonies in the garden throughout spring and early summer.   The Boom Date project has been developed to record the various bloom dates of each studied cultivar in relationship to Peony Red Charm’s bloom time.   This information is valuable in selecting appropriate cultivars.

Many cultivars have yet to be studied, making it an excellent project in which additional data could be gathered and incorporated.  Consider forwarding this study for use by peony gardeners of the future.

Herbaceous Peony ‘Roselette’s Child’

Herbaceous Peony ‘Fancy Nancy’

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