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ABOUT THE FALL 2022 AUCTIONS (September 15 – 18)…





Welcome to the Fall 2022 APS online auctions! 

To extend member benefits to as many international members as possible, we are holding three separate auctions: USA, Canada, and EU. The auction committee has been very busy! Generous donors have provided exciting items from out-of-print books and rarely available old cultivars to the newest efforts of hybridizers.

Members are already registered as bidders for the appropriate auction and items will only be available from donors in their country/union. There will be no international shipping. However, as you may be interested in following all three auctions, here are their URL’s:

Bidding opens on Thursday, September 15th, at noon and closes on Sunday, September 18th at 6 pm Central Daylight Time (USA and Canada auctions). For convenience, the EU auction opens at 6 a.m. CDT Thursday and closes at 1 p.m. CDT on Sunday. View the countdown clock to get your bids in on time as it may be confusing to remember how your local time corresponds with CDT. (Central European Time, CET, is 7 hours ahead of CDT.)

All amounts are in US Dollars and payments will be made online using credit cards. You will receive an invoice following the close of bidding and are asked to pay within 24 hours. We are adding a small shipping charge ($5 for seeds and books and $10 for roots) to enable APS to reimburse donors who submit receipts for large shipping costs. A maximum of $30 for shipping will be charged to any one buyer even if items are coming from multiple donors.

Click on the “bidding info” on the auction website for more instructions about the bidding process. Starting bids are generally around 40-50% of the estimated value of the item.  As these are “charity events”, we hope to realize more than 100% of those values!

All proceeds from these fall auctions are designated to support ongoing peony DNA research at the University of Michigan. That research informs conservation of the gene pool in cultivars and detects viruses infecting peonies, benefitting peony growers and hybridizers worldwide.

Happy Bidding for a good cause!

Auctions are the main fund raising method for our non-profit Society and are much enjoyed by participating Members.   Auctions function as annual fund raisers, allow for distribution of often rare plant material and provide opportunities for Members to share their favorite peonies with others.  Auction funds support a myriad of programs, publications and website initiatives, which depend upon member generosity.   Many of our APS Commercial Members graciously donate material each year, however the Society encourages individual members to support our peony community as well – The American Peony Society.

APS Auction Chair welcomes donations of any size for auctions and hopes you are able to help bring joy to a gardener and at the same time support APS.  Donations can be peony divisions, grafts, seeds, peony related items, books or activities – all are welcome.  Most donors submit plant items for fall shipping, but non-living items may be shipped to winners immediately.  Further information may be found HERE

To DONATE to this auction please use APS’ online submission form at:  SUBMIT AUCTION PLANTS  (you’ll need to login to the Member Portal).