Membership Renewal

Renewing Your APS Membership

A few short steps  (2022 Update)


Due to the complexities and some changes in membership options, the website may not be able to process a renewal through a “renewal link”. If you are not able to renew through a link APS has sent you, please purchase a new membership:  Please fill out the form and click on Sign Up Now, then follow the prompts for information and payment.  Please know our membership person will record your membership as a renewal if you where a member this past year.

Please note, the system will not allow you to purchase a new membership if you already have a current one.  To renew a membership please do so after January 1 of the year, as the website subscription service does not allow early renewals.

Memberships are not refundable through cancellation (auto-renew or otherwise).  If you have been auto-renewed, please turn off the auto-renew toggle and remove your payment information by logging into you Account which will prevent future purchases.

Renew By Mail

You may elect to renew or join by mail with the use of a form.

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