Membership Renewal

Renewing Your APS Membership

A few short steps  (2024 Update)


Due to the complexities and some changes in membership options, the website may not be able to process a renewal through a “renewal link”.   We apologize if you are experiencing problems with renewal and would like to provide you with assistance.  Please try one of the following, if applicable:

  1.  Payment Failed?  Login and go to MY ACCOUNT (in upper right navigation).  Once in MY ACCOUNT go to the Payment Methods tab and update your card (make sure you look to the far right and fill in the expiration date).  Save the card.  After this is done, please try renewing your membership in the Subscriptions tab.  If you are unable to do so please contact [email protected].  Note:  American Express credit cards are often denied, thus we recommend the use of another card type.
  2. If you are unable to renew due to renewal links which do not work.  First attempt to purchase a new membership at:  Purchase Memberships.  The APS Membership Chair will record it as a renewal if you were a member the previous year.  If you are not able to purchase a new membership or run into problems, please contact  [email protected].  The Website Manager will likely need to clear your data and then will have you purchase a new membership.  Website services will supply you with a short set of instructions to help you with this – its easy and fast!

Other important points:

  1. The membership system will not allow you to purchase a new membership if you already have a current one.  To renew a membership please do so after January 1 of the year.
  2. The membership system will not allow early renewal.  This is for the benefit of members who may have forgotten the expiration date of their current membership.  To check the status of a membership:
    • Login the website
    • Select MY ACCOUNT in the upper right navigation.  This shows up after you login.
    • In MY ACCOUNT, click on the Subscriptions tab.
    • Your memberships will be listed there with associated details.
  3.  APS Administrators are not able to access your personal APS account for security/privacy reasons.  Thus, we are not able to turn ON or OFF automatic renewals or change/remove credit card information.  It is the responsibility of the member to manage their account.  SEE TERMS & CONDITIONS for instructions to manage Auto renew.
  4. For further details please visit the Terms & Conditions page.
  5. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact [email protected].  Our volunteers are here to help!

User Guide for MY ACCOUNT

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