Membership Renewal

Renewing Your APS Membership

A few short steps

At the end of each year membership renewal notices are sent automatically from the website for members who submitted emails to the APS.   A membership subscription initiated on or before August 25 of the year is automatically scheduled to renew January 1, per APS terms and conditions of membership.  This information can be found in the APS’s Get Involved>Details section.   Our new website makes payment and renewals easy, but as with all things, new procedures may cause some apprehension.

To renew a current membership:

PLEASE NOTE: Payment through PayPal is not an option, a credit card is needed for subscriptions made through the website due to recurring payment issues with that service.  You may also renew by mail with the APS Membership Form.

  1.  Login to the website (top right above navigation) MEMBER LOGIN
    • The email you submitted with your APS membership must be used
    • If you have already logged in previously, enter the password used at that time
    • If you have never logged in or forgotten your password,  select Lost your password?, found at the bottom of the login form.  Follow prompts to create a new password.  Make sure that your email spam settings allow the APS website messages to be delivered to your inbox so that you can recover the password reset.
  2. Once logged in go to the top right above navigation and click on My Account, this will bring you to a page with your membership information.  Please note that there will be variations in what is seen due to member subscription entries within the past year.
    • Renewal Option 1:
      • Click My Subscription in the left side menu.
      • You may see a Related Orders section with Pay and View buttons.  Notice the Status is ‘On Hold’ and the Payment is ‘Via Manual Renewal’ at this time.
      • Click on Pay to make a payment for renewal of membership.
      • A light gray band for credit card entry will appear.  Enter your credit card number.  At the far right of the band you will see MM/YY and CVC entry areas.  Please note:  you may only enter numbers in the band (LETTER CHARACTERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).  Noted due to the band’s rather inactive appearance and it does not register keystrokes of letter characters.
      • Complete following prompts.
      • If this procedure does not produce the results you are looking for, use OPTION 2.
    • Renewal Option 2:
      • Click Payment Methods from the left side menu
      • Click on Add Payment
      • Enter credit Card information
      • Click Add Payment and follow prompts
      • Click Subscriptions from the left side menu
      • Click Pay button and select the credit card you entered for payment, complete prompts as needed.
      • Check your subscription status (should now be ‘Processing’ if payment was accepted).
  3. Your membership will renew after completion of this procedure.
  4. To make your renewal automatic slide the auto renew toggle to the right (it will become orange in color).  This will allow your subscription to be paid each year without having to manually go through any of the steps above.  At any time you may log into your account remove or update credit card information.  The auto renew toggle can also be deactivated at anytime, if you choose to not auto renew or cancel your membership.
  5. If you wish to change the type of membership you receive please contact

Renew By Mail

You may elect to renew or join by mail with the use of a form.

User Guide for MY ACCOUNT

Website User Guide