Volunteers Promoting Peonies

Leaders With a Passion for People and Peonies


Lois Girton – President

The American Peony Society leadership is made of a diverse group of peony aficionados that include commercial growers, passionate gardeners, photographers, hybridizers, writers, business people and other occupations.   All are dedicated to supplying a support network for its members and promoting the peony.

Directorship Terms Expiring Spring of 2025

Nate Bremer

 Board Member & Past President
Reedsville, Wisconsin

Directorship & Executive Terms Expiring Spring of 2026

Lois Girton

President & Board Member
Ames, Iowa

Cory Tischman

Vice President & Board Member
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Lynn Gessling

Treasurer & Board Member

Brandie Orchard

Recording Secretary & Board Member
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Sheryl Lawson

Corresponding Secretary 

Rich Grenier

Board Member
Maine, USA

Matthew Snyder

Board Member
Pennsylvania, USA

Melissa Sullivan

Board Member
Kentucky, USA

Nick Maycher

Board Member & Canadian Peony Society President

David Michener

Board Member
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mary Muellner

Board Member
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Scott Parker

Board Member & Past President
Tomah, Wisconsin

Steve Smith

Board Member
Edgewood, Washington

Jill Stevens

Board Member
Benson, Minnesota

Kent Tretheway

Board Member
Derby, Kansas

Piet Wierstra

Board Member
Woodburn, Oregon

Society Support

Jordan Kabat

International Cultivar Registration Authority Registrar 
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA

Kimberly Bremer

Reedsville, Wisconsin, USA

Elizabeth Best

Alabama, USA

David Sorrentino & Linette Sorrentino

Exhibition and Flower Shows
Chaska, Minnesota