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Woody Peony Seedlings 8 Months After Planting

The American Peony Society supports research and education related to the genus Paeonia and is pleased to offer free peony seed to educational organizations and institutions. Seed projects offer the opportunity to learn about germination, genetics and hybridizing. Peony seed offers a unique chance for students to study the characteristics of double dormancy in seed and to experiment with advanced germination techniques. Seeds will be chosen at APS discretion.

To request free seed, please send the name of your educational organization or institution and project description to: Scott Parker, SDP Chairman, 23409 Desoto Ave., Tomah, WI 54660-4272. If you have questions contact Scott at [email protected] ¬†or (608)378-4778.

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Peony Seed Fact

Peony seed exhibits double dormancy. Seeds require a warm period, followed a cool period to develop a root. When the cool period has been completed they will grow their first leaf.