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Member Owned Media Restrictions



The American Peony Society (“APS”) solicits a variety of media information produced by members for use in APS publications, websites, social media, and other platforms (“APS Platforms”).  Media includes, but is not limited to the following: articles, guides, announcements, advertisements, webpages, blogs, video, social media posts, digital images, and photographs (the “Media”).


All Media submitted to and used by APS is fully protected to the extent applicable under copyright law. Such Media submissions are solely owned by the member author and the member author does not grant any ownership rights to APS by submitting Media to APS.  Member authors retain the ability to use submitted Media at their sole discretion.

Submission to APS grants APS the limited right to publish such Media on APS Platforms.  Any use of Media without the prior written consent of the member author is considered unauthorized and deemed theft.  APS cannot grant reproduction and use permissions.1

1 APS cannot supply member owner/author names, upon request, for privacy reasons.

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Image and Content Use Policy

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