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Current Vendor Initiatives
1)  Commercial Plant Vendors Code of Ethics (see #1 in table below)
(for businesses selling peony planting material)
2) Vendor Listing Information Survey (see #2 in table below)
(for all Vendors -Optional)

*Commercial Members must be involved in a peony related business to be listed on the APS website’s “Vendor’s Pages”.

1) Commercial Plant Vendor Code of Ethics

Are you a Commercial Member who sells plants?  If so, this is an important opportunity and requirement for you!

APS was founded at the beginning of the 20th Century to bring order and standardization to peony nomenclature.  Additionally, the society works with our commercial members to provide best practices when selling peonies .  This continues to be an integral part of the Society’s purpose in its mission to “improve the Peony”.  APS Commercial Plant Vendors are at the forefront of this mission through the distribution of peony plants and seeds.  The APS Board of Directors through the Commercial Member Committee has developed a “Commercial Plant Vendors Code of Ethics” (Code), to provide best practices in the distribution of the peony.  The Code is referenced in Bylaw Article IV Section 5, thus is an important to the functions of APS.

APS asks all Commercial Plant Vendors (vendors who do not sell plants are exempt) to read the Code and additional documents found in this section.  A Code “Agreement” should be submitted for review and confirmation by the Commercial Growers Committee.  Upon review, the Commercial Plant Vendor will be notified of acceptance or rejection.  Vendors with an approved “Agreement” will have the  icon placed within their Vendor Website Listing.  If rejected, APS will supply recommendations which may be implemented to better meet the code and will approve the business after resubmission of the Agreement,  if appropriate changes are implemented.   All Commercial Plant Vendors will be required to have a confirmed agreement on file upon renewal of their membership or when a new membership is purchased.

See below links below relating to the Code:

Commercial Plant Vendors Code of Ethics Supporting Documentation Agreement
Includes : 7 elements which make up the Code Includes: Introduction, details, information and examples which support the Code Includes: The Code Agreement document to be submitted to APS 

Agreements should be returned to:  [email protected].

2) Vendor Listing Information Survey

Interested in including greater information to potential customers about your business?

As a part of your commercial membership, APS will include further information about commercial vendor businesses within the website vendor listings.  To qualify for Commercial listing, the member must own a peony related business.  This information is useful to any potential customer and may assist them in selecting a business that suits their needs.  To have additional information added to your listing, please fill out the Commercial Member Marketing Details and return it to [email protected].   This is optional and may be submitted by any commercial member, regardless of their business type.