Annual Convention

The American Peony Society’s Annual Get Together

Diverse People With a Shared Interest in Peonies

Annual Banquet and Auction

Each year American Peony Society members gather at a different venue, with one thing in mind-PEONIES.   Popular with members, the annual convention provides opportunities to see member and commercial gardens in full bloom, show flowers in the APS Flower Show, attend peony related seminars and visit with other members.

Tours to regional gardens are big draw, that provide member peony enthusiasts with opportunities for photographing their favorite plant, as well as, allowing time to discuss related topics.

Members and the public are treated to annual the APS Flower Show and Exhibition.  Not everyone shows peony flowers, but all agree that it is one the high points of the peony bloom season.

For the more academically minded or those motivated to learn more about peonies, members may decide to attend one of any number of seminars and presentations.   Seminars are designed for a broad range of interests and provide opportunities for beginner to expert.

A member banquet and auction is held to celebrate and support the American Peony Society, which serves as the annual membership meeting.  Members  often meet people in person that they have read about, while sharing a great meal.   To support the American Peony Society, members are able to bid on often rare and unusual peonies in the annual member auction.

Current Flower Exhibition Information ++

Exhibition and Show Information

The American Peony Society’s Annual Flower Show and Exhibition is a great way to show off the beauty of flowers growing in your garden, but a few preparations may be helpful to make the experience successful and enjoyable. Getting to know the show schedule, which supplies entry information is a great place to start getting organized.  The schedule may change slightly from year to year to better accommodate ever changing and growing entry diversity.

The Peony Exhibition also is the place to meet with fellow peony enthusiasts to discuss what flowers do best for you. It is about the only place to see so many varieties at one time.  The show is judged and all are encouraged to enter. It does not matter if you grow only a handful of peonies or thousands, it only takes one perfect peony to be selected ‘Best in Show’. In addition to the cut flower show, you have the ability to bring out your artistic self with the arrangement section. Each year, a new theme is created so flower arrangements can be artistically displayed. APS will supply the peonies for this section.

Interested in helping out at the exhibition? Volunteer a few hours or more and get a first hand knowledge of entering flowers and hang out with fellow peony enthusiasts. Volunteer duties include  clerking, classification, runners and general show prep.


American Peony Society Conventions in Coming Years

Plan to Get Your Peony Fix

2024…Bloomington, Minnesota.  June 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

2025…Beaver Dam, Wisconsin