Show Results

American Peony Society Annual Show Results

Honoring the Best in Peony Flower Showmanship

Each year exhibitors trek to the American Peony Society’s Annual Flower Show and Exhibition to present their finest blooms for evaluation by a team of judges.  While peony flowers are generally beautiful, showing them to perfection requires time, effort, skill and sometimes a little luck.  Many variables are involved in creating the best presentation of a single flower which may include:  a well formed flower, appropriate size, pristine condition, correct maturity, color, petal configuration, and preparation for judging.   Of course growing a healthy plant plays a part in the entire production of perfect blooms.

Many flowers each year receive ribbons in recognition of excellent showmanship.  Visitors to the Flower Show and Exhibition are treated to the final results by seeing hundreds of blooms prepared to perfection. We hope you are inspired viewing the entries since it is APS goal to enrich everyone lives through plants and in this case the enchanting peony flower.

APS wishes to thank and honor those who show the fruits of their efforts and hope others join in this unique activity.  Take a look at the results, much can be learned about best cultivars for showing, the people who show and other entry information.  Please see the resource block below for specific annual show results.