Great Programming From Committees

Volunteer Members Make the APS World Go Round


APS committees perform the inner workings of the societies’ activities and are manned by volunteer members.  All committees support our mission and are integral to a successful APS.  Positions are open to our traditional members as well as our commercial members.   Many new initiatives are brought forth each year through committee work and the APS is continuously searching to broaden its reach-to members and the public.



Mary Muellner – Chair
Lois Girton
Jill Stevens

Award Of Landscape Merit

Cory Tischman & Jill Stevens – Co-Chairs

Awards Committee

Steve Smith – Chair
Craig Aiken
Brandie Orchard

Books & Publications

Mike Miller – Chair

Bulletins and Publications

Kimberly Bremer-Editor, Contributor
Sharon Schmitz – Advertising Specialist
Lois Girton & Jill Stevens -Proofing, Contributors, Support
Larry Argatoff – Supporting Editor
Cate Crawford – Supporting Editor
Jerri O’Connor – Peony Society News
Jim Sampson – Science Contributor
Lois Girton – Science Editor
Linette Sorrentino – Membership
Kris Jurik – Treasurer

Commercial Members

Piet Wierstra – Chair

Convention Steering and Planning

Linette Sorrentino – Chair

Convention Chairs
2022 – David Michener (Michigan)
2023 – Craig Aiken (New York)
2024 – Linette Sorrentino (Minnesota)


David Sorrentino – Co-Chair
Linette Sorrentino – Co-Chair
Kent Tretheway

International Outreach

Cory Tischman – Chair
Leena Liljestrand


Jordan Kabat – Chair and Registrar
Nate Bremer
Reiner Jakubowski

Seed Distribution Program

Scott Parker – Chair
Nate Bremer


Kent Tretheway-Chair

[email protected]


David Michener – Chair
Jim Sampson
Lois Girton

Website / Social Media

Nate Bremer/David Sorrentino – Website
Craig Aiken – Facebook
Brandie Orchard – Instagram
Steve Smith – Pintrest
Lynn Gessling, Craig Aiken, Liz Best – Facebook Group