For the Love of Peonies

Growing Peonies isn’t the Only Way to Enjoy Them

Enjoying the Peony

Why get dirty?  Other options available…

Wedding Bouquet

Many activities surround the growing of peonies, but for those that are not enthusiastic about working in the soil, there are plenty of other opportunities.   Many of these activities are geared toward the artist, although some technical skill is helpful.   Creating a peony past time is a great way to become involved with this outstanding plant group.

Flower exhibition, floral arrangement and photography are just a few of the great alternative ways to enjoy peonies.  These increasingly popular activities are inexpensive and can satiate the peony appetite!

Peony Dress

Household Bouquet

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Exhibiting Peonies

A Competition  Using Flowers

Exhibiting peonies at an APS convention is an activity that all types of people enjoy.  Whether you are commercial grower, professional or novice gardener or simply have a peony growing in your yard, peony exhibition may fill a need.  Competitive exhibition is a great place to learn about the flowers themselves and experience the comradery of other enthusiasts.  Each year APS members from around the United States and Canada attend the annual convention and exhibition to show their wares.   The beauty of a mass exhibition is breathtaking, but the real joy is the journey of preparing the flowers.   Other exhibitions may be available locally through clubs and these are another great way to express the inner artist.


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Join the exhibition fun. Showing off your home grown peony blooms will certainly be an experience you'll want to repeat. Learn details in one of our helpful articles.

Show Results

Peonies Awarded at APS Flower Shows

Art of Using Peony Flowers

Creating Beautiful Arrangements Using Peony Flowers

Floral Design is becoming popular again, after a long lull of inactivity.   Arrangements take on a myriad of forms and have many uses.   Peonies are popular for use in weddings, household bouquets and social gatherings.  The peony is particularly suitable for floral design use due to its large elegant flowers-plus they are often fragrant!

For those that enjoy competition, the APS offers a division for floral design arrangement during the annual Flower Show and Exhibition.   Much like the regular exhibition, competitors are welcoming and willing to guide.  Most floral designs at the competition are composed of excess peony blooms from exhibitors in the flower show, making for a great supply of gorgeous components to work with.

Floral Design at Exhibition

Floral Design Arrangement

Floral Design Arrangement

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Floral Design for Show or at Home

Fact: Most floral designs entered at the Annual Exhibition are composed of unused flowers from the Flower Show.

Photographing Peony Flowers

Producing Beautiful and Accurate Images of Peony Flowers

Photography of peonies is becoming a popular activity due to the expansion of social media.   Most everyone has access to a good camera through the use of a smart phone or other digital device.  These devices are able to capture outstanding images, but there are some techniques that will produce superior pictures.   Taking a superior image and posting it for the world to view generates a great deal of enthusiasm and can lead to many opportunities (photo contests, business printing, web design, wedding photos, etc…).   A growing number of APS members are pursuing this fun and fulfilling activity.

Search for the Best Shot of Paeonia delavayi

It’s About Perspective

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