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American Peony Society Press Kit

for Media Professionals

We’ve assembled helpful press kit materials and visual content for use by media professionals, with permission of the American Peony Society. Need further assistance for online, print or broadcast coverage? Please contact Publicity Chair Kim Bremer at [email protected] or [email protected] for further information.

Please find downloadable documents in Additional Resources below.

Media Resources

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American Peony Society Logo

For American Peony Society Event Publicity

The American Peony Society logo is trademarked and copyrighted, and is available by permission only.  The logo is not for personal or commercial use in any way.  For permission to use the logo for American Peony Society event or other media promotion please contact:  Kimberly Bremer, APS Publicity Chair, [email protected].

Additional Resources

American Peony Society Logos (not for commercial promotion or use) .svg file

Press Kit Peony Images

Peony Images for Use in Media

Press Kit images are copyrighted and owned by the American Peony Society.  They may be used with permission for press releases.  Please contact Kimberly Bremer at publicity@americanpeonysociety for permission to use images.

Subject Matter Experts

Leading Peony Growers, Hybridisers, Educators and Gardeners


Subject Matter Experts from the American Peony Society are one of the most valuable resources to the peony community and media. Dedicated to factual, accurate information, they provide a wealth of knowledge and insight. These experts are typically contributors to APS Journal Articles and APS presentations, authors, and speakers.

A list by area of expertise is coming soon.