Peony Registry


Species — P. albiflora. Originated by Hollis. Donated by Hollis. DESCRIPTION OF BLOOM — Type of bloom anemone. Form of bloom globular, loose. Not differentiated. Not entirely transformed. Color (total effect) solferino red 2 (157); guards clear; center cream to milk while, clear; secondary staminodes absent; linear petals. Strong blooms have few central petals same color as guards, flecked. Fragrance lacking. Blooming time mid-season. Size medium to large. DESCRIPTION OF PLANT — Habit of plant erect, medium to tall, very compact. Growth strong and healthy. Stem medium length, strong, reddish green. Blooming habit free. Buds borne in clusters, healthy. Foliage well furnished, medium green, medium size, veins green. COMMERCIAL VALUE — For cut bloom poor; landscape value, medium to good. Variety as a whole medium. REMARKS — “Arcadia” cannot be distinguished except that if may be a slightly lower growing plant. This should not be confused with “Aurora” originated by Mrs., Pleas, see Bulletin 278, page 237, nor with “Aurore” (Dessert).

Reference: 1911-CUB 306:078