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Bremer, Nate
Herbaceous Hybrid

Seedling #NB-H13. Parentage: ‘Carnation Bouquet’ x NB-H24 (which is ‘Vanilla Schnapps’ x ‘Dreamtime’). First bloomed 2008, propagated since 2012. Advanced generation herbaceous hybrid. Of medium size (5-6 inches; 13-15 cm), flowers have very wavy (ruffled) petals throughout. One flower per stem. Color is baby ribbon pink aging to a blend of light pink and cream. Technically a semi-double flower with carpels and pollen bearing stamens in the center, these are usually obscured by the fullness of the petals giving the effect of a full double flower. Green carpels, smooth; stigmas and filaments light pink; yellow pollen-bearing anthers. Some flowers do not possess stigmas; others have petals tightly wrapped around the carpels. Fertile both ways when appropriate structures present. Its pod parent, ‘Carnation Bouquet’, has an interesting lineage and petal configuration, which ‘Callisto’ carries on in its genes. Light fragrance. Plants are slightly shorter than average at about 30 inches (76 cm). Stems with flowers do lean, but are adequate to hold the flowers from lying on the ground. Foliage is deep green and of typical hybrid structure. Week 4-5 bloom time. Named for the third largest moon of Jupiter, also a nymph in Greek Mythology.

Reference: 2017-381:10