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Forest Sprite

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Forest Sprite
Pavel Sekerka
Herbaceous Hybrid
Czech Republic

Received August 31, 2020. Raised and propagated under the name “Anomala Semiplena.” Has been distributed under the name “Anomala Semiplena” to a number of botanical gardens in Europe. This name, with description, has also been previously published in Index Plantarum of Pruhonice Botanic Garden. That name however, does not conform to International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants guidelines. Parentage: Paeonia anomala open pollinated. First bloomed, and first propagated, in the 1990’s. Early/Mid season bloom. Flower form usually SINGLE to SEMI-DOUBLE. Under good conditions it sometimes shows as double. One bloom per stem, 4¼ inches in size (11 cm) with out-facing flowers typical of the species. Purplish-pink flowers (RHS:78B). Fragrant. Guard petals rounded with shallow notch, average width 2 inches (5 cm). When present, inner petals are interspersed among the stamens, are ruffled and may be somewhat frilled. Carpels yellow-green (RHS:149D), 2-4 in number. Stigmas reddish-purple (RHS:71A) with normal anatomy. Fertile. Pollen-bearing stamens with filaments yellow througout (RHS:2D). Staminodal disc consists of a few projections. Foliage typical of P. anomala. Upright growth to 33½ inches (85 cm). The name combines the typical forest or forest edge habitat of the species P. anomala with the relatively small flower in which the doubleness only appears sometimes, much like a woodland fairy or sprite. The plant is well suited for the “wild” garden in combination with other perennials.

Reference: 2020-DIR:27