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Hua Cai Dian Chun

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Hua Cai Dian Chun
Xiuxin Zhang, Jingqi Xue, Shunli Wang, Xiuxia Ren

Received September 7, 2020. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2016, first propagated 2017. Late season bloom. ANEMONE flower form, of the type which in Leon D. Batchelor’s system would have been designated “Crown” (Classification of the Peony: Third Report. Bulletin 278, Cornell University, Ithaca New York, 1910). Several rows of guard petals (average width 1¼ inches (3 cm)), notched, followed by a band of petals which are variably bicolored pink and white. At the center is a tuft of petals the same color as the guards. Carpels absent, stamens absent. Staminodal disc well-developed, pale yellow. Floriferous, with up to 5 blooms per stem. Flower size 4¾ inches (12 cm). Fragrant. Early foliage purplish-red, matures to green. Upright free-standing growth to 34 inches (87 cm). Good drought and cold resistance when established.

Reference: 2020-Pending