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Jiu Zi Jú

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Jiu Zi Jú
Zhongying Kang / Yanlong Zhang

Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2005, first propagated 2005. Two rows of guard petals with a center made up of narrow petalodes interspersed with stamens. In the traditional Chinese flower forms system, this is of the Chrysanthemum Form (6-8 rows of petals gradually becoming smaller towards the center; stamens reduced in number, but those remaining are fertile; carpels usually of normal structure and fertile). APS classification describes this as a SEMI-DOUBLE. White petals (NN155C) with purplish red flares (RHS 61A). Flares on guards extend 40-50% of petal’s length but on center petalodes they extend as much as 90% of the length, making a dramatic contrast between the guard petals and the center of the flower. Flowers are borne 1 to a stem, 5½ -7 inches (14-18 cm) in size, out facing. Carpels generally exceed 10 in number and are pale green, sparsely hairy. Stigmas greenish yellow and fertile. Some stamens interspersed and among these will be found pollen. Filaments white throughout. Sheath partial, dark purple (RHS 77C). Fragrance. Height at maturity 60 inches (150 cm).

Reference: 2019-DIR:44