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Karine Duval

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Karine Duval
Martinus Mooijekind
Canada, QC

Received February 6, 2020. Parentage: “Muskoka” open pollinated, seed obtained from Canadian Peony Society Seed Exchange, 2011, Lot 104. First bloomed 2015. SEMI-DOUBLE. Three rows of notched pink guard petals. The center of the flower is white and quite full, showing flower-in-flower doubling traits. These petals progress smaller towards the center, are interrupted by a ring of stamens, then the inner flower follows the same pattern of progression to smaller petals. Flower 7 inches in size (17 cm). Height to 34 inches (86 cm). Named to honor Karine Duval (1991-2018), a courageous young woman who battled an incurable degenerative disease for seventeen years. It was her brave decision near the end to request medical assistance so that she could die with dignity and self-respect intact. The Maison Aline-Chrétien in Shawinigan, QC, was able to grant her wish to pass away outdoors in the sunlight she loved so much. Named with permission from her mother, Johanne Hébert.

Reference: 2020-DIR:10