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Madame Gaudichau

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Madame Gaudichau

Double type; medium size; late midseason. Very dark crimson with a brilliant blackish sheen; fragrance slight and unpleasant. Tall; not especially floriferous; strong stems. Foliage dark and quite handsome. A globular flower, almost as dark as M. MARTIN CAHUZAC. “A most noticeable peony because of its very dark red stems and reddish foliage. Buds inclined to blight. Darker than M. MARTIN CAHUZAC.”—Thurlow. “Perfectly healthy plants are very shy in flowering. Not worth growing.”—Fewkes. “Very loose, irregular flower, far from the equal of M. MARTIN CAHUZAC. A good color, but not as good as WILLIAM F. TURNER. Its chief characteristic is the distinct red of the plant. Foliage opens liver-red and remains so until almost blooming-time, then turns red again very early, and is almost black-red when frosts come. Think it disappointing in most gardens.”—Little. “Beautiful dark foliage. Small flower. Not a strong grower.”—Boyd.

Reference: 1928-B-d:125