Peony Registry


Seedling PSE-2008. Parentage: ‘Nice Gal’ x unknown pollen. First bloomed 2012. First propagated 2013. SEMI-DOUBLE. An informal semi-double form with flowers to 6 inches in size (15cm). Pink in bud, maturing to white. Having up to 4 side buds per stem, the plants will exhibit the full range from all pink buds through to the fully mature white flowers with intermediate blooms showing baby-pink guard petals with pink suffused inner petals. Inner petals heavily notched. Flowers stand 3 to 4 inches above the foliage (8-10cm). Four to 8 carpels; red; moderately hairy. Striking red stigmas. Fertile. Pollen and seeds. Fragrant. Typical Lactiflora foliage. Upright self-supporting growth to 28 inches (70 cm). Mid to late-season bloom period, the side-buds serving to extend blooming. In the originator’s garden this peony (compared to other whites) is notable for dropping its petals in a timely manner, before they become unsightly and detract from the overall effect, making for a good and worthwhile garden peony. Named for the originator’s daughter.

Reference: 2016-380:07