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Nong Yuan Yu Lou

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Nong Yuan Yu Lou
Xiuxin Zhang, Jingqi Xue, Yuqian Xue, Fang Wang

Received September 7, 2020. Parentage: Paeonia rockii x ‘Ka?’. First bloomed 2015, first propagated 2015. Midseason bloom. Flower buds rounded. DOUBLE flower form, pink (RHS:65B), 1 bloom per stem, flower size 4½ inches (11.4 cm). Up facing flowers, fragrant. Guard petals rounded, notched. Inner petals somewhat ruffled, lightly frilled. Reddish-purple flares extend about 60% of the petals’ length, and continue to bleed along the midribs of the petals. Carpels and stamens absent. Annual branches to 10-12 inches in length (25-30 cm). Pedicels are thick and straight. Early foliage green, yellowish-green at maturity. Upright plant growth. Height at maturity 35½ inches (90 cm). Strong resistance to drought and cold when established. The first character of the name denotes its origin name at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, otherwise the name makes reference to the large, gorgeous flower having resemblance to a palace built of pink jade.

Reference: 2020-DIR:50