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2019 Seed List

The American Peony Society’s Seed Distribution Program has a wide variety of outstanding seeds available each year.   Choices from the following groups are available:  P. lactiflora cultivars, herbaceous hybrids, woody (tree) species, herbaceous species, woody Hybrid (P. suffruticosa) and woody hybrid (Rockii, Gansu Mudan lineage).   Most seed is the result of open pollination, meaning the pollen parent is unknown, which can produce a wide variation of seedling flower color, form and size.   Although seeds are listed by parent flower color, it is wise to remember peony seedlings will not be copies of their parents and resulting color will likely be different.

Seed packets are available to APS Members at the National Convention, and are offered online each year through July 31, while supply lasts.  Information regarding: available seed, ordering, prices and shipping can be found in Additional Resources below.

2020 Seed List…Closed for 2020

2020 Seed Program Letter…Seed orders closed for 2020

Seed List and Information

2020 available seed list and Letter of instruction

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Peony Seed Fact #1

Some peony seed have large amounts of dormancy and may require more than 2 years to begin growing (most are more cooperative)!

Peony Seed Fact #2

The first leaf that a peony produces is called a 'Plumule' and is usually three lobed. These first leaves do not closely resemble mature foliage.