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Almaznaya Brosh

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Almaznaya Brosh
Elina Vinogradskaya

Received January 27, 2022. No seedling number. Parentage: ‘Peach Fluff’ open pollinated. Seed planted 2010, first bloomed 2014, first propagated 2017. Flower size 6-6¾ inches (15-17 cm), generally 1 bloom per stem, but may have occasional side buds. Two rows of guards petals, salmon-pink on opening, fading creamy-white with age. Flower form variable, opening with a prominent collar of yellow petaloids between the guard petals and a tuft of petaloids of carpel origin at center. With age, pink petaloids emerge interspersed among the yellow ones. A novel flower form that does not easily fit into any of the standard forms. When not transformed carpels are pale greenish cream with dark pink stigmas. Transformed carpels often edged red, though functional stigmas can be found. Stamens generally fully transformed but viable stamens also present, filaments pink. Has been found to be fertile. Midseason bloom period. Delicate fragrance. Foliage green, retains reddish edges when mature, stems green. Height to 31½ inches (80 cm) on strong stems. On opening, the bloom is reminiscent of a diamond broach, the paler points on the yellow petaloids like the play of lights reflecting from the diamonds’ facets.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX