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Amalia Olson

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Amalia Olson
Olson, C. / Nelson

No Seedling Number. Parentage: Produced from seed from a seedling of Dr. H. C. Cooper of Portland, Oregon, given the originator many years ago. This pure white full double flower of medium height, with dark green foliage. Its petals overlap and are symmetrically arranged in a slightly dome shaped flower of great beauty and charm. It has excellent substance and lasts well when cut. It often has faint red markings on the reverse of its guard petals which never show inside, making it one of the purest white peonies we have. It was awarded the American Home Achievement Medal at its showing in the American Peony Society’s annual show in Grand Forks, North Dakota, this year, the flowers shown having been grown by Mr. George E. Tollefson of Fargo, North Dakota. It is named for Mr. Olson’s mother.

Reference: 1959-154:52