Peony Registry

Amy Jo
Smith, D.R.

Seedling # IC-96-10R. Parentage: Lactiflora ‘MARTHA W.’ x lutea hybrid tree peony, ‘GOLDEN ERA’. First bloomed 2004. Flower form predominantly semi-double with 24 to 40+ petals, but varies from single (with about 16 petals) to almost fully double. Newly opened flowers are delicately flushed with light pink which deepens slightly towards the center of the flower, but mature flowers are clear, bright, medium yellow. Unusual for a hybrid of this group, there are no flares. This, combined with the dense ring of yellow stamens being nearly the same color as the petals to the point of seeming virtually invisible, results in the red stigmata becoming a very prominent feature. Extra wide guard petals, often 2 ½ inches in width. Average 3 buds per stem. Stamens and pollen, but no observed fertility. Carpels are smooth and pale green, 3-5 in number. The flowers seldom measure more than 5 inches across and are nicely displayed on generally upright stems just above and beyond the excellent dark green foliage. Many side buds make this a prolific bloomer with flowers from early season to late mid-season, and an overall bloom period of 3 weeks or more. The plant has a nice hemispherical shape with an average height of 30 inches. The fragrance is mild and pleasing. Named for Amy Jo Bibace-Smith, wife of the originator.

Reference: 2006-337:032