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Andreas Maschke

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Andreas Maschke
Hans-Guenter Maschke
Germany, Halle

Parentage: ‘Bartzella’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’. Seedling number B-3. First bloomed 2018, first propagated 2020. Cultivar has been previously distributed under the seedling number. Mid-late season blooming SEMI-DOUBLE, occasionally verging on double, flowers are cream with noticeably absent flares. Flowers are 16cm (6.25”) in diameter, upward facing, and average one per stem – occasionally, a single side bud, and rarely two, have been noted. Guard petals are rounded, cupped, and slightly notched, up to 6.5cm (2.5”) wide. Fragrant, with a noticeable component of P. lutea scent. Possesses three to seven carpels, green, tomentose, the stigmas pink, and of normal anatomy. Filaments are up to 2cm (0.75”) in length, cream, with yellow, 0.75cm (0.3”) long, pollen-bearing anthers. Sheath is either missing, or partial, and white in color. Limited, but useable fertility both ways. Foliage is copper-colored on emergence. Mature foliage is deep green, shining, and pointed. Growth is compact, upright, to 65cm (25”). Mechanical support is unnecessary. Named for the originator’s son, of whom he is very proud.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX