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Angel Emily

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Angel Emily
Seidl / Bremer

Seedling MRV-12. Rock’s Variety x ‘Shintenchi’. First bloomed 1992 (its 4th season), first propagated before 2000. Pinkish-lavender with sharp-edged dark purple flares to 30% of petal’s length. Filaments are 5/8 inch long, purple at base, becoming whitish near the anthers. Dark reddish-purple sheath completely encloses the carpels. Red stigmas. Flower form is usually SEMI-DOUBLE with 15 petals or more, six to eight inches in diameter. The well established mother plant, about 20 years old, is 5 ½ feet high, 8 feet across, and bears more than 80 flowers every year – but its growth is restricted on one side, so in the open it would bear considerably more blooms. An eight year old plant at Solaris Farms produced 35 flowers in 2012. Foliage is typical, but leaflets are on the small side of the spectrum for plants classed as rockii hybrids. Good fertility both ways. Roger Anderson’s ‘Angel Choir’ is of the same parentage. Propagation through grafting is slow due to ‘Angel Emily’s much branching habit which results in thin slender stems, and scions cut from these tend to be less successful than terminal bud scions cut from thicker stems. Growth is initially slow in grafted plants, but increases as plants become established. Stems are very woody, long lived and are cold hardy. Winter damage has not been noted to date. Foliage is ornamental in color and form and may be a good candidate for permanent landscaping.

Note: Awarded the American Peony Society’s Gold Medal in 2019.

Reference: 2013-365:012