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Angela Jo

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Angela Jo
Don Hollingsworth
Herbaceous Hybrid

Received: January 10, 2020. Hollingsworth number 3066, parentage record lost. First year propagated 2004. Off-white FULL DOUBLE flowers typically open in the EARLY period (Second Week rating), a season in which doubled flower peony cultivars remain scarce. Flowers 6-7 inches in size (15-18 cm) are predominantly borne one per stem, side buds infrequent. Opening buds will show a hint of yellow. However, in sunlight the effect quickly turns white, while a hint of pink remains in the depths of the flower. Cut in bud and opened indoors, the complex infusion of colors is more intense and persistent. Relatively long inner petals result in a domed flower profile. Irregular petal ends and lightly ruffled petals contribute to an informal flower appearance overall. A thin ring of stamens with pollen encircles the smaller, inner stage flower. Carpels are largely abortive in flowers on mature plants. Breeders may find normal carpels in reduced flowers, as on young plants or on forced secondary stems. Spontaneous fertility has not been noticed; serious testing of fertility yet to be undertaken. The medium tall bush, to 38 inches (96 cm), is generally erect; outer stems may spread with flowers. Leaflets are broad pointed, stems well covered. It was awarded the seedling class Certificate of Merit at 2019 American Peony Society exhibition. The name honors granddaughter Angela Jo Tretheway Rice.

Reference: 2020-DIR:20