Peony Registry

Burrell, G.
Herb. Hybrid

Single. Parentage: P. mlokosewitchii x unknown (probably P. mascula). First bloomed 1991. The flower is white with dark pink veins, 5-6 inches across in size. It has stamens, pollen and seeds, very reliable. It grows 2 feet in height, with good stem strength. Very early, at least two weeks ahead of P. tenuifolia. When this plant starts growing, the stems and leaves are red; as the buds start to mature, the foliage turns green. In the Fall, the foliage turns pink, red, orange and pale green. When in bud, it has withstood temperatures of 17°F. without any bud damage. The leaves are nearly round, much like P. mlokosewitchii.

Reference: 1995-295:28