Peony Registry

Lutea Hybrid

Parentage: lutea x moutan. Habit of the plant very vigorous. Foliage intermediate between the two parents. In our climate this hybrid tree peony, like Lutea, is apt to kill back to the ground in winter; but it shoots up vigorously in spring and blooms on the new wood. I think it is somewhat hardier than Lutea, and somewhat less so than most of the Chinese tree peonies. The flowers are fairly large, semi-double, and are carried upright on stout stems. The petals are of a very clear bright sulphur yellow, stained deep purple red over a small area at the base. Pollen sterile, and the plant has never set seed. First Class Certificate, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, June, 1928; also Garden Achievement Medal for Best New Peony, American Peony Society’s Show, 1928.

Reference: 1929-037:54