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Armand Rousseau

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Armand Rousseau
Dessert & M├ęchin

Species: P. albiflora. History: Originated by Dessert and Mechin in 1903 according to Dessert’s manuscripts, but in 1893 according to Dessert’s Catalog for 1906. DESCRIPTION IN BRIEF: Semi-double, very deep purplish pink, early to mid-season. DESCRIPTION IN DETAIL: Semi-double type, well differentiated; within the guards is a ring of pollen-bearing stamens with yellow filaments. Poorly nourished or young plants show a bunch of from six to eight hairy carpels in center with pink stigmas, but these transform into beautiful tall carpelodes of same color as guards, as vigor of plant increases. The primary stamens remain in all cases, however. Secondary buds on the stalks have very long stems. Color solferino red 4(157). Odor rather unpleasant. Foliage large, light green, smooth; plant a dwarf grower with stiff habit.

Reference: 1908-CUB 259:135