Peony Registry

Herb. Hybrid

Seedling No. 3180. Parentage: ‘Sugar ‘n Spice’ x ‘Pink Vanguard’. SEMI-DOUBLE lighter pink blossoms open Early Midseason, in the third week of peony flowering. Flower size to 6 inches (15 cm). Three to four rows of large, pink guard petals surround a band of smaller inner petals, which grade smaller inward to a remnant of stamens and centered by a pair of red tipped carpels.  The color is most saturated in the depths of the flower and lightens outward to tips of the rounded guard petals. Average of 2 carpels, green, very hairy. Stigmas red, normal. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments yellow. One flower per stem is presented a few inches above the strong bush on sturdy, erect stems of medium height to 34 inches (86 cm), and clothed in yellow green foliage. Leaflets remain green well into summer, being somewhat resistant to leaf spot fungi and quite resistant to peony mildew.

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