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Běi Lín Zhī Xīn {LIN’S HEART}

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Běi Lín Zhī Xīn {LIN’S HEART}
Xiaonan Yu, Wei Zhu, Can Zhang, Di Xia, and Mengwen Lv

Received June 23, 2021. Parentage unknown. First bloomed and propagated 2020. Late season bloom. Parentage ‘Zhu Sha Pan’ x ‘Kansas’. Two tone pink flower-in-flower DOUBLE, size 4 3/4 inches (12 cm), average of 2 lateral buds. The lower level petals unfurl first and become gradually lighter, which accentuates the later-opening and darker pink upper petals. Stamens absent. Carpels absent. Reproductive structures fully transformed, no seeds. Light fragrance. Foliage emerges green with reddish wash, matures green. Leaflets green, narrow-pointed. Upright growth habit, height to 26 inches (65 cm), mechanical support not needed. The whole flower gives the impression of a young heart full of sunshine and hope. ‘Běi Lín Zhī Xīn’ is dedicated to the registrant’s alma mater, Beijing Forestry University. In certain jurisdictions to be marketed with the trade name LIN’S HEART.

Reference: 2021-DIR:4