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Big Sombrero

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Big Sombrero
Bremer, Nate
Lutea Hybrid

Big Sombrero. Bremer. 2021. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Parentage: {Garden Sunshine x (Sedona x Rosalind Elsie Franklin)}. Seedling #NB30. First bloomed in 2009. Semi-double flowers are yellow with maroon basal flares, are round and are rather low in profile (flat). The highly ruffled and notched petals are round in outer layer and become more folded toward the center. Although flowers have a slight “lutea hook” they are carried outward to face the viewer. Flowers are born one per stem and have a “billowy” attractive form. Red stigmas, sheath and filaments. Plants have proven to be short growers here in Wisconsin, often losing stems to winter conditions, however, they consistently bloom from numerous basal shoots each year. Plant height will likely be greater in less rigorous climates. Big Sombrero is slow to propagate and grow, but is not a difficult subject for the patient gardener. The broad dissected foliage is deep green, tinted in red early on and is an attractive foil for the massive blooms. Fertility is challenging, but crosses have proven successful both ways with compatible advanced generation lutea hybrids. One of the most admired lutea hybrids in our gardens over the past 10 years by visitors. Named for the large hat-like presentation of flowers – like a big Mexican hat.

Reference: 2021-DIR:47